The Wild Woman collection will be auctioned and one hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit the Mexican Society for Women's Rights, A.C.  in partnership with Global Fund for Women.

Women Empowerment Project

Wild Woman is a women’s empowerment group that supports Fondo Semillas (Mexican Society for Women’s Rights) in partnership with Global Fund for Women. We create art and fashion that celebrates the diversity of women around the world.

Our Next Event

Our upcoming Women Empowerment Project auction will be held after the premiere of our auction collection at New York Fashion Week in September 2020.

The auction this year includes 12 haute couture coats created from the highest-quality luxury materials, including 24-karat gold-plated beads. We also include two chairs created in collaboration with Roche Bobois that will be auctioned off at this event.

Fondo Semillas

All of the proceeds from our auction will be donated to Fondo Semillas to help empower the women of Mexico by dismantling systemic inequalities, improving access to healthcare, helping women recover from gender-based violence and assault, and forming sustainable cooperatives.

Fondo Semillas works with groups like:

  • Domestic workers
  • Female factory workers
  • Indigenous women
  • Women artisans
  • Young people

Over the last 28 years, Fondo Semillas has invested over 21 million USD to support more than 945 people throughout Mexico.

To see a preview of our collection that will premier during September’s New York Fashion Week, click the link to see our image gallery.