M Y R I A M   M A R C E L A 

Marcela Dyer is the founder and designer of the label Myriam Marcela. 

Her work is known for attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. She believes in sustainability and her work is consciously sourced. Her passion is creating and bringing to life extraordinary clothing. She also enjoys renewing vintage clothing by transforming it into new works of art. 

Marcela is originally from Monterrey, México and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. 

As a Mexican designer living in the United States, Marcela has a passion for integrating creative talent amongst these two countries. 


L A U R A   R E N É E   M A I E R

Laura Renée is a textile artist currently based out of New York, with a focus on abstract stylistic renderings of the female form. Stitching into fabric with an antique sewing machine, she creates intimate figures using only one continuous line. 

This one line representing the infinite and perpetually unraveling nature of ourselves. Her works translate the undefinable feelings of femininity into fibers to stand the test of time. 

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Laura Renée developed a fascination with textiles and a collection of antique sewing machines at a young age. In 2014, she unearthed her signature style and began creating and showing her first bodies of work.